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Thank you for your interest in USRowing’s Under 19 (U19) National Team and Selection Camp process. Selection Camp will be held in Chula Vista, CA, June 17th-July 3rd. Below you will find critical points to identification, selection, and participation. 


U19 selection procedures for 2023 are posted at USRowing.org, so now we can begin discussing how to move forward to build the fastest boats possible for the 2023 U19 World Rowing Championships in Paris, France. Thank you for being patient as we formed the selection procedures and architected the new international camp. The changes within the system for this year are the best to identify, develop, and compete for the United States U19 National Team at the highest level come World Championships in August. 


USRowing’s U19 Selection Camp will comprise athletes identified and invited to race at the U19 World Rowing Championships or CanAmMex. There are thirty-one (31) seats per gender for rowers at camp and six (6) total seats for coxswains. All athletes invited to and fully participated in Selection Camp will race at the U19 World Rowing Championships or CanAmMex. The only age restriction for either competition is U19, and the age limit change differs from previous years, where CanAmMex athletes were limited to U18. 


Points to consider:


1a) The bar is set higher than ever. We will invite thirty-one (31) rowers per gender and six (6) total coxswains to Selection Camp this summer.  It is a significantly smaller camp focused only on World Championship boats and the CanAmMex team. There are only thirty-one (31) rower invites per gender to be offered. If invitations are not accepted, further invitations will not be extended (e.g., rower number 32 or coxswain number 7). Furthermore, we encourage athletes interested in competing at U19 World Championship Trials to do so. By participating at the Trials, you are not refusing an invite unless you declare your intent to participate at the U19 World Championships in the event you meet the qualification requirements at Trials. You may miss the first two days of Selection Camp by participating in Trials. 


1b) The Henley Royal Regatta (HRR): In years past, we have allowed athletes to participate in both HRR and Selection Camp. This year, due to the timing and changes to invites, invitees are encouraged to choose one or the other. As stated in 1a, every athlete invited to Selection Camp will race internationally. If we allowed invitees to come to camp after Phase I was over, selection would not be transparent. If you can be competitive with your home club, racing HRR is a significant development opportunity and a way to help your club. 


2) Set yourself apart by following the Selection Procedures for Selection Camp athletes as precisely as possible. As noted in the procedures (Page 11): 


Invitation to selection camp will be based on the criteria listed below. Additional identified athletes may be invited to selection camp once camp has begun and prior to the beginning of the selection process. Criteria (listed in no particular order):

a. Eligibility criteria set forth on page 3 of the Selection Procedures;

b. Physical and physiological characteristics, e.g., height, weight;

c. Performance in 2022-2023 National Team Testing: 

      - 6000m erg test in December 2022 and/or January 2023;

      - 2000m erg test in February 2023 and/or March 2023;

      -  Submitted 3 x 10" (Max watt) rowing erg result

      -  Submitted 1' (Max watt) rowing erg result

d. Performance in 2022-2023 Identification Camps;

e. Performance in international and domestic competition;

f. Video of performance, in the case of coxswain’s audio;

o    Audio should be kept to race length, even if it is a recording from practice

g. Coach’s recommendation.


Additionally, you will need to have submitted the following to be eligible to receive an invite to selection camp:

  • Current Safesport certificate
  • Valid 12-lead ECG signed by a doctor & a cardiovascular physical exam - Click here for more detail
  • Current USRowing membership


Note: Our priority is to make the fastest combinations.  Your ability to move a boat with others is paramount. 


Submit the above information here. The only valid submission is to the form listed, and emailed submissions will not be considered.


3) [ACTION ITEM] Complete a 6000m (drag factor 120 Boys/110 Girls) erg test in December or January, and submit it to this form upon completion. Generally, in years past, the top athletes at camp have been below (Boys 20:00)/(Girls 22:45), with the next group being below (Boys 20:24)/(Girls 23:12) depending on size/weight, so recognize your goals before starting your piece.


4) [ACTION ITEM] Complete a 2000m (drag factor 120 Boys/110 Girls) erg test in February or March, and submit it to this form upon completion. Generally, in years past, the top athletes at camp have been below (Boys 6:08)/(Girls 7:00), with the next group being below (Boys 6:16)/(Girls 7:10) depending on size/weight, so recognize your goals before starting your piece.


5) [ACTION ITEM] Attend an Under 19 ID Camp. According to our procedures, this is MANDATORY this year, so please check out the dates and find one that best fits your home program’s schedule.  Even if you were on the team in 2022, attend an ID Camp. Procedures at ID Camp will include watts testing, some erg teaching, and on-water technical time. 


6) [ACTION ITEM] Please submit a file/or link using this form to a recent video from this fall or winter of yourself rowing above 30 spm from the side your blade is on that is roughly 20-30 seconds long.  This information will help populate our reading on your physical, technical, and physiological characteristics.


7) [ACTION ITEM] Make certain you have submitted a current, valid Safesport Certificate.  Submit or have submitted an up-to-date 12-Lead ECG signed by a doctor.  Make sure your USRowing membership is a Championship level membership.