A rowing club for students of Moorestown High School

Our success depends on everyone volunteering!
Committee Assignment Chairperson(s)/BoardMember Description
Apparel Jonnene Dunne Organizes the clothing/other orders for team to include uniform and anything else outside of uniforms (i.e. blankets, t-shirts, sweatshirts) with approved vendors.
Photography/ Videography TBD Takes photos and/or videos at practices, regatta days and team events that can be used for our website, Facebook page, year book, end of year presentations and publicity.
Regatta Day Food: Parent Run Tent Teams & Food Truck Teams TBD Assign food to regatta day team members. Communicate with volunteers. Each week take inventory of the trailer, purchase staples for the regatta (hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, basic supplies, such as foil, propane, etc.). Each week clean up the food trailer.
Tent Set up/ Breakdown TBD Sets up the tents and unloads the food trailer (mainly tents and grill, and assembly of each) at the river typically early morning. Assists with tent break down and loading up the food trailer.
Trailering: Boats & Food Truck

Boats: TBD

Food Truck: TBD

Hauls the boat trailer to the boat house for pick-up and drop-off of boats and to the events. Additionally, hauls the food trailer to events.
Derby Party/Wine Tasting TBD Organizes the Annual Parent Social including food, silent auction, etc.
Year End Awards Banquet


Organizes the Year End Awards Banquet including food, program, decorations, etc. 
Yearbook TBD Organizes and works with vendor to create the annual yearbook.